The level of crazy in my homestate has reached a nasty feverish pitch.  A local senator said,“Personally I’d like to make a law that mandates a woman watch an abortion being performed prior to having a surgical procedure.”

There is so much wrong with this grotesque statement that it is hard to know where to begin…

I’ll give it a shot.

When my ex-hubby (you know the mentally-ill sperm donor for the ePrince) got his vasectomy, NO ONE told him that he needed to view a surgical vasectomy so that he would know and understand firsthand that he was destroying his “seed” of babymaking juice.

So the local chapter of NARAL Pro-Choice Arizona who sent out the Choice Action Network alert that the undistinguised Representative was responding to when she got all ugly has now issued a donation challenge:

You don’t have to like abortion, but don’t act like a moron about what is really at stake.  Women and their families know what is best for themselves in the decision to carry a pregnancy to term and engage in family-building.

No one should interfere with the very personal and difficult decisions about how and when to have children.  

Not me. Not you. Not the State Legislature.  Not the Federal Government.

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