Here are some oldies, but goodies (click on the titles for a fresh window):

F*ck, A$$, B.S. and Language, “I cuss enough to make a sailor blush. So here are the rules I lay down about cussin’ with the kids at my house…”

l’Orange, “There is water in my glass.  The bright fonting reads…”

Emotional Blackmail, “I would like to lodge a formal complaint. As I know that my local law enforcement agency has a hand in the details of my complaint, I cannot address the matter to them…”

Really, the Happiest Place on Earth?, “3 days at Disneyland is quite enough, thank you very much. I have now had my lifelong fill of the Happiest Place on Earth in the Year of a Million Dreams – or aprox. 1 per 500 people by BigShot’s calculations.”

Crime Scene Investigation, “This was a murderous week…”

What’s So Wrong About Abstinence Education?, Talkin’ ’bout SEX, baby.  Some thoughts on sex education and birth-control regulations.

The God of Awesome, or How My Kid Became an Atheist, Attending a quasi-religious school has its pitfalls and I am beginning to realize that my little guy is coming into his own understanding of religion by mingling with its faithful practitioners.

a bitchin feminista mama at the intersection of political quagmire and real life.

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