Betcha been wondering what I’ve been up to lately.  Per the norm over the last year, I’ve been cheering on the ePrince at his swim meets.  I’ve also been volunteering on a big project at the lilEinstein’s school (much to the dismay of some  people).  And I’ve taken on an interim employment position that drives my passion. If that were not enough, I am preparing for yet another surgery to repair the damage done in all the prior surgeries over the last nine years.

It’s been busy around here.

As the ePrince is gearing up for his high school graduation and we are looking at college opportunities, it is becoming a small stressor for me to realize that my baby, who has so very much needed my support and advocacy all these years, might just be in the precipice of not needing me anymore.  This is a difficult proposition and one I am not so sure I will handle so well.  Many of you will recall we had such high hopes for the ePrince’s high school career thinking that maybe it might all turn out okay.  Silly us.  Of course if you’ve been reading along all this time, you know that it hasn’t turned out to be that great.  But hitting this milestone is a big achievement for the ePrince and going out on such a high note with his swimming successes makes all the heartache that much sweeter.

The lilEinstein has been trying to integrate himself into his new school environs.  Heading into kindergarten was not so easy, but this has been a difficult transition for lots of reasons.  He really is still his fun-loving self, but is not wealthy or religious and that seems to mark him as different from the other kids.   We feel like he would be in a private school placement dealing with these same issues irregardless.  At his school the curriculum is  really great but is not supported by high level pedagogy.   It seems that in this state of awful educational resources and environments, families must choose either excellent curriculum or excellent teaching – but may not have the two together in one great institutional environment – now to have that would be a revolution!

So as the school year is not quite over, we are gearing up for the last semester and my application for a permanent position, it is a time of big transitions and changes in all of our lives.

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