Last week, I called my lovey Bee with an emergency. Now, Bee knows that I am not likely to bother her after the dinner hour unless it’s serious.

Of course, I had to quickly explain that my call was not really an EMERGENCY, but rather an emergent situation. I was ‘asked’ to make the gingerbread cookies for my lilEinstein’s kindergarten class project. I say ‘asked’ in such a manner because the kindergarten teacher is a sassyass and she never ‘asks’ for anything, she just tells parents what they’ll be doing for her. So I was told that I would making the gingerbread cookies the night before the project was to take place. This was during a week of excessive kindergarten homework; yes, we have it everyday and last week, plus more!

And I was pretty darn sure I owned heterogingerbreadcouple cookiecutters and did not worry about the cookie cutter purchase. I went to the store got extra eggs, milk and cream of tartar in order to make the ginger recipe. True to my culinary form norm, I failed to purchase some key ingredients that would make gingerbread of sugared cookies. I had to doctor the recipe because I do not have mollasses stocked in my pantry as a norm and I only had half the amount of honey I needed to substitute the stickysweet ingredient. In my panic, I replaced the mollassess with 1/2 honey and 1/2 karo syrup… and when it was all cooked and warm, they actually tasted yummy!

So I called Bee at 9:30pm to bemoan a lacking gingerbreadboy cookiecutter. I had the gingerbreadgirl cutter and the store was due to close while I had my dough all rolled out and ready to go. Bee rushed right over and creatively transgendered our “girls” to “boys”. Yeah Bee!

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