My petty rant no. 1 began as some significant frustration which at it’s source really began in kindergarten; the lilEinstein’s kindergarten class, that is.  I chose the teacher, insisted that she be the one to teach my little guy and she has been making my experience at the school ridiculous.  She has this lovely (through gritted teach), blinking smile that older women have when they are going to mess with you – bad.  She smiles as she constantly admonishes parents and children alike for anything and everything – and yet is so far from perfect herself.  I wanted her to be the lilEinstein’s first teacher because she is a seasoned teacher with a whole lotta experience, so I thought maybe she’d run into a smartypants like mine before.  She hasn’t.

Add to this dynamic, I am daily stressed about getting my kids from one place to the next at the same time from disparate locales. Nearly every afternoon, I am grabbing the little one to get to the big one, in order to get the big one to his football practice in less than 20 minutes time from several miles away through rushhour traffic – oh and then back home again to oversee the little one’s homework, make dinner, pick up the big one, eat dinner, and oversee the big one’s homework.  This is everyday, every day.  If the ePrince could really get there in any way on his own – he would be doing it, but he has to get from his smarty high school to the regular high school were he plays sports – it’s a clusterf*ck of a policy experience brought to us by the AAAAhighschoolsportsrules.  And of my two kids, it seems to me that physics class might be a touch of a priority over the last 10 minutes of kindergarten class – and that my getting the lilEinstein that touch of early would make the situation less stressful.  Our dear kindergarten teacher does not agree.  In fact she is dismayed at my priorities – why should my ADHDbigkid’s priority to play sports be important when it causes stress?  Yet, she’s never asked.  She doesn’t even know the big one needs a physical outlet for his symptoms.  So she makes rude, misplaced comments in front of other parents, chastising me about “worrying” when in fact I am stressed because she blinkingly smiles at me while she insists on making my life more hellish than it needs to  be – knowing that whyever I do it, I prioritize the sports schedule and that if she would just let the little one out – I would be grateful.

And the other parents have their own issues.  This teacher is a major controlfreak, sending home papers and notes with rules on top of codes and guidelines and homework with expectations and helpful hints, dictates and regulations.  I am not a timid sort, and several of the moms have befriended me since school began seem to be of similar disposition.  Yet we are all walking on eggshells, trying not to draw the fire or ire of this crazyass kindergarten teacher!  She teaches kindergarten for goodnesssakes!  There will be more to this situation in the weeks and months to come, just know that we are considering starting a support group to help through this schoolyear, and not because our kids are in school, but specifically, because they are schooled by this teacher.  Could this be my purpose in life?

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