I’m gonna do it.  I am.  It’s hard to believe – but I think I’m gonna endorse Barrack Obama.

The last time I got involved in an election campaign I ended up feeling like an idiot.  I waited 6 hours in line during a blustery Washington DC fall in 1992.  I foolishly voted for Hillary then, of course, via William Jefferson Clinton –  which is something I would NOT do again.  Yet, at the time I was excited about the possibilities of her intellect having an influence on the White House.  We all see how that worked out – and her grab at power this Spring, following that ‘stand by your man’ nonsense – really ruined her for me.  She would have been better off (and had a lasting political legacy) had she found a woman to put up and support with the help of her populist husband.
However, with McCain’s ridiculous choice of Palin as a runningmate, I feel like I gotta get in there and take a stand.
McCain chose Palin because she is a woman – and Palin is a woman who will look better standing up next to him than his sharp-looking wife does. They relate to each other because they’ve each married into wealth which makes them both climbers and unrealistic about the needs of average working Americans.  Hence, their conservative politics – that little address the nuances of everyday living with the demands of feeding children (of all colors) and providing for a family.  I know that Mccain is considered popular amongst hispanic voters – but what has he really done for the hispanic community besides give a lot of lipservice to helping?!  Nada.
  Because of McCain’s kitschy choice,  Barack and Biden will have to make room for Hillary on their ticket – get her to get out the vote in a positive way to tip the scales in this election.  All those women who were excited to FINALLY have a woman in the mix AND who care little for political analysis or long-term planning might just vote for McCain out of shear hormonal stupidity.  Feminism has afforded women, to some degree, the equal right to be equally ignorant as men are.   The trends toward women engaging in violence and acting as men do in male-dominated employment fields certainly proves that women are heeding the tenants of feminist rhetoric about woman’s equivalent abilities to perform in society.  So why should the voting patterns of the willfully ignorant be any different across gender lines?  The answer is that it will not be.  And that means that Barrack and Biden will have to make room for Hillary.
Even if I am not jazzed about the choices this election season, to not be engaged in the process of democracy this time around is to hand over my children’s future to the very people who’ve thus far managed to tarnish and jeopardize the America’s standing in the world.  No matter how ya slice it, that’s bad for our kids.  Even if you don’t agree with me; vote.

a bitchin feminista mama at the intersection of political quagmire and real life.

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