What the bloodyhell?! Since the cold war is over and there are no moms hangin around the neighborhood (that I know of), I’m trolling the internet for playdates. My previous experiences with playgroups are negative and bizarre. When eXavier was little I found out that I am not like other moms. I suppose y’all know this about me already, but the truth is: I really am not like other moms. And I really don’t want to be like most other moms, but does that mean that ya gotta be crappy to my kid? When TeenPrince was still a stinkypants we were ushered right out of a playgroup for my having a tatoo, now that such things are not considered gauche – maybe we can find some kids to play with…

The TeenPrince is killing me with this “I think I’m turning a teeenageboy I think I’m turning a teenageboy, I really think so…” (tune-in: The Vapors). At the end of the day I gotta chill coz he had a good interview at the shishy school and will shadow on Monday followed up by another interview. I’m pretty happy that he’s so pleased with himself, no matter how all this turns out. Though I hope for his sake, he’s not disappointed.The lez to my pez (not fag to my hag) has left for Texas of all places! LittleEinstein saw the Backyardigans sing longingly about the damned state and now thinks its a fabulous location. When he found out my lez was leaving for the (wannabe) great state, I thought he was gonna pack himself into her luggage. I think the only reason he didn’t is that I said Egypt was better than Texas (ala Backyardigans again…) so he decided pyramids and camels would be cooler to see in real life over cactus and wood houses.Been re-organizing the house and life for up-to-date activities like painting and playing more. So far I’ve been able to keep busy. Hubby and I are negotiating the new experience of mamaness. He’s been alternatingly frustrating and supportive at inopportune times… What can I say, the beat goes on.

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