Folks callin’ to check up on me now. It’s pretty weird. Especially the interest from people at badschool… At least the calls are only from people who want to be supportive and generous. Both of the boys have strepthroat! So y’all can imagine what my days are like right about now… lots o’ napping and misery. Trying to find a playgroup for LittleEinstein which has been a chore so far. I was actually snubbed before I even met the ‘organizer’ for a group in Snottydale. I think I’m too whacky/arty/non-conservative for local moms. And I’m still visiting schools in the hopes that I might find something fruitful for the little guy to attend. TeenPrince just finished the whole application process to shishy school and we’re awaiting the final word from them. Who knows what his chances are, but I’m thinking if’n he was meant to be there, he wil be. We are also working on apps. for other schools, but I’m not overly jazzed about those options and we may dump them before it gets too serious in the process.

The one nice thing about being at home for me is that I have time to ponder politics… I think that really is my first love so SuperTuesday is the a fix for this politickymama! The race for the presidential nominations are so bizarre and rarely indicative of the candidate’s abilities. That’s why the conventions are so interesting, because this is the only real role that voters actually play in american politics. And of course, the people who actually get to be attendees at the conventions are also telling, but at least they are (generally) from a more diverse … so they say… cross section of the population. The donkeys and the elephants are less than likely to heed the interests of the people in their respective parties – however, this is the time when those ideas are at least vocalized. And that’s what I find so fascinating about this time in the election cycle.

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