“FEVER. Fever in the Morning, Fever in the Afternoon…” LittleEinstein is icky-sicky. Not just a little bit, a lot. He probably has that evil flu goin’ around. He is so sick that he doesn’t even want to play at A’s house, ‘coz he might share ickies. So we’ve been in our jammies, watching lots o TV, reading books and playing board games. The little guy was so looking forward to playing with his buddy this weekend, counting off the “Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday,…” in sing-song. Yet right now the LittleEinstein is giggling out loud for the UpsideDown Guys Show, which I’m thinkin’ not too many parents dig as much as I love watching LittleEinstein play along with. The big project this week is learning the concept of ‘the future’ and building the solar system despite not feeling too grand about his school options, frustrated by the level of snobbery at so-so schools.
While the TeenPrince has gotten himself good and grounded, really for the first time. I had to do it. I had to lay the smackdown on him. He was gettin’ too big for his britches and since I was always in the mix of trouble as a kid – I know exactly what he was up to. When he got caught in it – I had to take the social-time, cell phone, ipod, and videogamesystems away before he actually got into any realcouldbeserioustrouble-notathomekind. Then I got to thinking how freakin’ spoiled he is and I was shocked at our lives. If anyone had told me when I was young that I’d be middle-class, I woulda scoffed. And that TeenPrince’s bio-donor is from $$$ has made our lives ultimate weirdness. TeenPrince’s expectations about the how’s and what’s of life are really shaped by our trajectory through socio-economic classes. However, TeenPrince has decided not to attend shishy school. [UPDATE: he went and took the test afterall, historyteacher was so disappointed that he didn’t want to go at least try, so he went… I’m so proud either way and I’m hopeful that he’ll take the best of what shishy school has to offer and leave the rest.] I’m more than surprised about that, but he said he doesn’t want to be like some of those kinds of kids and thinks he would be influenced by if he went there. His best friend is NOT all about the goods and for that I’m so appreciative that TeenPrince is at least interested in understanding more of the world.
The papaDobbs is having a freakout. As we know, he does not handle change well. Even though mamamess should have me feeling gloomy, it is he who vents and is storming about. Not really to my benefit because he can’t state his feelings- so he’s acting them out all over the place. Don’t even know what to do with that nonsense.

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