So lawschoolmamamess drove me to therapy in the fall. Not really proud of that factoid, but in learning to live without a goal, it is good for me to have one around. Even more shocking, my therapist is a man. bartleby makes me laugh and yet takes my concerns seriously as well as offering an alternative perspective that is antithetical to my own (similar to papaDobbs) but with a gentle presentation (dissimiliar to papaDobbs). So bartleby’s take on the mamamess is that my passion for law does not really change, but that healing my psyche is not a bad way to go right now. You see, I’ve decided to stay home until LittleEinstein starts kindergarten and TeenPrince begins high school. In the meantime, I am at the business of being without a mission. Bartleby laughed at the thought, and maybe you do too. In fact, when therapy was over, even I had to giggle… The idea that I am going to enjoy staying at home until I figure out what is next is just perposterous, huh?! bartleby said that he thought I’d be starting a daycare for children of disadvantaged women before the summer was out. bartleby knows me well, already. Mana (the sitter who KNOWS discipline) and I are working on a business plan to get her center started. Of course, it just can’t be a regular ol’ daycare, it has to be specialized environment. And I’ve already begun the project planning and grantwriting. Guess the idea of being a stay-at-home-ADHD-mama is just about whack. We’re on a mission afterall. As in The Alchemist, my Personal Legend does not disappear, it just looks and feels different at different times. I have to come to terms with being a truth-teller, and that has been the raison d’être for embarking on the study of law. Yet having survived and thrived in spite of all that has happened before in my life, my Personal Legend really seems to be about speaking truths. I know this all sounds hokey, but since the idea of g*d is about as perposterous as my being happy playing house, this is as close to religion as I come – being my own Beloved and all. Therefore, I guess staying tuned is all you can do to keep up!

a bitchin feminista mama at the intersection of political quagmire and real life.

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