The LilEinstein is not so little anymore and has joined the Phoenix Boys’ Choir.  He is very much a Gleek so I thought it might be fun to share a little musical theatre with him.  Our Musical Summer consisted of many titles.  Each had a lesson for the LilEinstein which was pretty funny since it really was the ePrince who did a lot of growing this summer.  The ePrince is getting ready to move on, if his g’rents (the outlaws) aren’t actually lying about coughing up his trust fund to pay for college – they’ve been withholding for a year now, but have seen fit to relent… it seems. We shall see. They haven’t been trustworthy heretofore so I don’t have much hope, but I know the ePrince is painfully hopeful that they won’t douche-out.

Here are some of the lessons lilEinstein learned:

West Side Story this is JUST LIKE Romeo and Juliet!
Yellow Submarine this is the weirdest movie ever, trippy with all those colors!
Hairspray: The Original It’s not okay to discriminate.  LilEinstein didn’t understand because we’re all just people who can learn to dance.
Oklahoma! Wolverine is a GREAT singer! Oh and it’s not okay to buy a girls’ picnic basket and not marry her in the olden days.  It’s better now, women can choose who they want to marry.
The Music Man anyone can play music even someone who doesn’t know how.
The Phantom of the Opera: Special Edition that guy is Crazy!  (I learned that lilEinstein likes to yell back at the TV).  She shouldn’t talk to him.
Little Shop of Horrors Steve Martin is a GREAT comedian!
Grease you shouldn’t quit high school.
Fame you gotta work at your talent, it doesn’t work for you.
Annie: Special Anniversary Edition you can make Gin in a bathtub?
Oliver! pickpocketing is a great way to make a living.
Les Misérables you can’t see the world in black and white.  sometimes if you are so sure your right about something, you are so wrong.

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