Dear Energy Windows;
I do not need my husband at home to make home-improvement decisions. If doing business with my family requires my husband to be available when your salesperson arrives, then you can go f*ck yourself!

As the prettylittlelady of this house, I’ve torn down walls, replaced doors, built additions, completed small electrical projects and worked on major electrical repairs, I’ve dry walled and plastered, installed tile and grout, and I’ve even painted my household in lovely bright colors both inside and out.

My husband does not need to waste his time and energy trying to figure out which window-replacement company we will work with as we update and renovate our home to ensure that “we both get the same information,” because talking with me is JUST LIKE talking with him.  We are an equal-partnership marriage where we do really wild and whacky things like trust each other’s intelligence in understanding project information and abilities to negotiate schedules, terms, and fees that such a renovation project might require.

Furthermore, if you want our business, then whomever we choose to employ for our house renovation must be able to work with me; respecting my direction, leadership, and check-writing abilities as the general-contracting agent of our household.

deeply offended consumer who will warn everyone I know about your patriarchal, hetero-normative & misogynistic company!

I support birth control use and believe gays should be able to marry too!

a bitchin feminista mama at the intersection of political quagmire and real life.

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