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Sandy Maya Matzen

That was said recently of my husband out of frustration.  And it is true that he is slow to make adjustments in his life.  Inversely, that man is a steady rock.  And essentially that’s how rocks change, slowly, over long periods of time.  For a boulder to break and transform into a pebble, well, it takes eons.

I know from whence the hurt and anger spills out of one’s soul to express in exasperation that the hubby’s stubbornness is beyond the pale of infuriating.

But then we are intimates and the speaker of these words is not so close.

And I love the guy, so I can also see that what makes my husband so frustrating is also a really beautiful quality about him.  He will be loyal and try to protect you from harm under the most personally painful and difficult circumstances.

His sense of stick-to-itiveness  and care extends far beyond the bounds of any person I have ever known.  When I want to cry out from injustice and abandonment, it has been my husband who has allowed me to rail, lose my mind, scream and punch out loud at it all.

All this he did, and he stayed.  Just like a rock.

Even as these words spilled from that person’s lips, my husband was taking measures to protect the utterer.

So after all this time that we have known this speaker, I am deeply insulted on behalf of my mate that such mean, short-sighted words should be spoken about him.

Because no falser words have ever been spoken; the truth is nothing ever stays the same.

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