Mama earned her ‘bitch stripe’ this week!

Recently, the ePrince had a lovely girlfriend for several months and they seemed so well matched while they were dating.  I had hoped they stay together at least through high school. I won’t lie, I adore her.

But she broke up with my guy.

He’s been bummed about it for awhile but hasn’t been really lonely – all the girls saw his Facebook profile change to “single” and the race has been on to see who can catch his eye.  Which raised my anxiety level because I always worry when people just stop and stare at him.  I fear that one day he’ll notice all the attention he draws– he’s a cutey –but so far doesn’t really have a clue in his dailiness about the googly-eyed glances.

Yet over the last few days my anxiety level increased 1000-fold.

The ePrince is being chased by a girl that I really, REALLY do not want him to date.  I want to be clear, I do not hate this girl, but I am not especially fond of her behavior.  She has been the source of a lot of trouble amongst the ePrince’s friends and for that I am quite dubious about what she brings in the way of a relationship.  She definitely likes to attract the attention of the boys and dresses to impress would-be-suitors.  I figure it is more of a ‘fatal attraction’ thing, rather than a committed relationship to my son that this girl is after.

Coupled with the girl’s failings as a friend and her charged attire, is her mother.  Oh dear.  I first met mommy about six months ago and in that time strive to be polite to her.  Her daughter, is on the ePrince’s swim team and part of the program he is enrolled in at school so we are not likely to ditch her anytime soon.  This has been a pure survival tactic on my part as I do not find her very friendly either.  In fact, since the day I met them, I’ve likened her and her husband to the outlaws.

To be blunt, they are snobs.  They’ve made it clear that the ePrince is not good enough to date their daughter from the very start.  Now that she has alienated all of her other friends, he is an acceptable playmate, but not a suitable suitor.  And until recently I could’ve given a shit less about their farcical superiority, but I will be damned if I let them get a hold of my baby.

And just when I thought I might be overreacting to how bad this could turn out.  Mommy threatened the mother of the ex-girlfriend if the ex-girlfriend didn’t ‘butt out’ of the discussions with the ePrince about what a bad idea dating this girl might be.  And the ex-girlfriend ought to know, she was one of the many burned friends this girl had.  Just a few short months ago, we were all chummy swimmyteam moms and now that lunatic mommy is going to threaten the other mommies of the swimteam tribe?!  Over the affections of the ePrince, no less?!

This is a damnable ‘Days of Our Lives’ drama!

However, in all of this excitement, I also know that I cannot dictate whom my child chooses to date.  I can let him know my concerns and express my feelings on the subject, but know that I have little sway in the actual decisions he makes now that he is nearing adulthood.  So this was a difficult situation for me!

My only saving grace in all of this is that this girl truly has been a nightmare to the circle of friends and they really razzed the ePrince about dating her.

So the ePrince is likely to join the He-Man Woman-Hater’s Club… He posted this on his Facebook wall yesterday, “Done with dating. Cause its bullshit and drama in the finest form”

Thank goodness for peer pressure!

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