It has been another roller-coaster year at Mama’sBitchin’s Maison. As we round out the end of it, I thought I would do something unheard of for our little familia; a year-end update.

The hubby has put on a holiday CD (yes, we rock it old school here!) and the kids are chuckling away as they hum along to Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Have Yourself a Meaty Little Christmas.  My personal favorite; “I Sure Hope I Don’t Have To Beat Your Ass This Christmas.”  Ahhh… Adult Swim knows just the right tune.

The mood is all set to begin…

At the start of 2010, I was just on the verge of giving up.  Seriously, giving up caring about everything.  I was recuperating from yet another foray into the abyss of ill-health and was back at home from a long-term stay in the hospital.  I was angry.  Mad that my young body seemed so hell-bent on failing me.  I was not suicidal or any nonsense like that, I just couldn’t figure out a way to move forward and feel good about myself again.  I was frustrated.

At the same time, in my current city of residence, an evil wave of politicking came over my neighbors and fellow residents.  There was an ugly piece of legislation that once again shocked and embarrassed me about living here.  I was stunned by seein people smile wild in the heat 120-degree.  The courts are gearing up to address the illegality of SB1070, but it’s economic impact has made an already awful financial situation worse for this state that thrives on tourism and real estate income. So there goes the funding for education, again.  And if education gets worse for the “regular, normal” students then no amount of my short bus love will be enough to help my gifted and special needs kids.

Whilst I was busy trying to master the wifey arts, the outlaws (my ex and his family) were cooking up ways to share their fuckery and evil hearts and I was once again trying to work out how to break the cycles of violence they perpetrate on us at every turn.  It was a long summer and one made no easier by the ePrince’s own serious healthcare crisis that scared us all silly and brought me back to my fierce-mama senses.  Whatever giving up I thought I would do at the beginning of the year vanished completely with the overwhelming sense of responsibility to care for my ePrince and be happily available to enjoy the lilEinstein’s childhood.

With the new school year and the fall season came the election cycle and for the first time in many years, I got back into the mix helping a friend and candidate try to win her first election.  It was another frustrating romp into the larger community where I live, but the heavy blow of her loss was buffered by the losses of nearly all the democrats in our state to bizarro candidates.  The “Yes You Can!” motto of the Obama election was but a faded memory and we were left with a “Maybe You Can’t?” feeling. Yet the experience of writing and policy-making sparked that dying flame in me, whipping it into an ember that drove me to apply for a Progressive Leadership Fellowship.  I was recently accepted and will begin my studies after the new year.  The devil found work for these idle hands.

And just when we we thought the end of the year would wind down quietly and smoothly, we got a big somewhat unexpected surprise over the weekend.  The hubby made partner! Yes, yes, if there ever was any doubt about my current wifey status, then all questions should be revealed.   I am a soccer/swimteam mama and I am now a lady who lunches, sits on a few boards doing social good and hobbying at this writing gig.

What the hell has the world come to?

Here at the BITCH in the house, we are all hoping that you and yours enjoy a beautiful holiday season filled with light and love!

Happiest of Holidays

Festivus for the Rest of Us

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