I’ve been in a fairly crabby mood since the election. Not because I am such a die hard supporter of the democratic party, but because I was taken aback by just how virulent and hostile the election results coverage seems to be.

I thought, like most of the pundits out there, that there had been a marked rise in the majority middle. As a general rule that middlin american voting demographic has been responsible for keeping US politics from swinging either too far left or too far right. Over the last 30 years it has been waining in ferocity – but made a strong presence in this last election cycle — until voting day. The majority of Americans did not vote.

So those who voted, got a voice in American politics for the next 2 years. And what an ugly, ignorant, hateful voice it is.

So I haven’t felt too thankful for the last few weeks. Yesterday I had to work really very hard to must up some gratitude. Let me tell ya, a cooking hubby is an incredibly wonderful thing to be grateful for. Also, we have been ‘home’ to all kinds of loveys over the years for a overstuffed t-day feast; this year it was just us. Our first family-only turkey fête. The lilEinstein cried not to have his Auntie , Uncle and lovey Bee in attendance and the ePrince was glad to focus on killing bad guys in “Special Ops.” I thought the day was going to be a dud, but it was relaxed and lovely. The outlaws took their turn to attempt holiday harassment, but I put a kabosh on that whole scenario and was relieved to finally have some measure of control over that situation.

So I was able to enjoy an eggnog (actually skipping a slice of pie!) and remember that I have a lot to be thankful for right here at home with my boys.

I hope you found something to be thankful for as well!

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