Happy October 1 everyone!  In case you didn’t know, it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

I’ve never been so jazzed about breast cancer awareness month.  Breast cancer took my grandma’s boobies away.  She was okay after she lost the first one, but the second one lost was much harder to cope with.  I used to sit with her in her beautiful garden and chat with her about nothing and everything while she sighed and tried to live life without her boobs.

I got gigantic boobs too young.  My twinergy showed the neighbor boy down the street my first b-cup bra for 5 bucks.  That twinergy of mine, he was always entrepreneurial in his youth and man he could save a dollar!

On Wednesday night at bookclub the ladies insisted I make an appointment after we chatted about my weird itchy boob.  It’s been driving me crazy for a while now.  I wasn’t so much worried about it until my boob started leaking – leaking, not milk.  Most of the loveys know that the lilEinstein is 7 years old so it’s been 6 years since I nursed him; milk from my boobies would be kinda weird right about now.  Plus I’ve had all my ladyparts removed in the debacle of the BigC’s.  No ovaries, no uterus, just a shell of a cervix – for shape, the surgeon said, and no hormones at all.  No reason to have accidental milk production.

So I went to the doctor today to get it checked out.

Rush mammogram and ultrasound on Wednesday and then a follow-up with a breast surgeon.  Now I’m worried.  Now I’m angry that I might be sick again.

And my boob itches like crazy.

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