What’s a smilin’ fact
When the whole state’s racist
“By the Time I Get to Arizona” –Public Enemy

Long-term exposure to the intolerable dry-heat makes the people here insane.

The whole state seems to be on the verge of major explosion. In my not so distant past, I would have been right in the mix of all the activism, but now I am at home keeping my kids out of the fray. The new immigration bill in Arizona that requires, “local police officers to question people about their immigration status if there is reason to suspect they are illegal immigrants” was signed into law by our ridiculous governor, Jan Brewer. That bill impacts my brown-skinned boy. The boy with the special needs, who cannot even remember his own birthday when questioned by police. How is he going to protect himself when travelling alone from our house to his school or a friend’s house?

It has been an awful week, and not just in regards to the abysmal state of our state. At the ePrince’s school, the support-staff have gone off their ever-lovin’ rockers! And while all this time I was sure that there was a particular mean-girl who has had her filthy grubs all over the malarkey we’ve had to endure there, I was not able to prove her hands were dirty – until now. But now she has gone so f*cking far off the deep end as to be retarded (in the way that perfectly capable people act like they are mentally deficient). It’s been a long time since I’ve had a good panic attack, but I had a full-blown anxiety-driven experience yesterday afternoon when I was trying to process the bull sh*t from the school and then the news of the governor’s actions spread like wildfire all across the state and lit up my cell-phone messaging and email accounts.

All I could think was:

O my gracious. I live here.
I’m from here. My people are here.
And I do not belong here.

This place of brute ignorance
willful stupidity runs amok.

Angry, ugly, hostile and dangerous
dangerous people are in charge.
And there doesn’t seem to be a damn thing I can do to fix the nightmare of this state. This state that has refused to apply for federal grant monies from the government to help improve the 50-out-of-50 status of our educational system. So that it’s citizenry might at least have a chance to understand the damage they do in the decisions they allow to be made on their behalf. The state that has become the new beacon of old-school Southern-backwardness. I feel helpless to attack the larger social ills of the day…

…But I will be damned if I let anyone harm my kids.

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