M.Obama packs some guns. There is no getting around the fact that she is an attractive and intelligent woman. She is also avoiding some of the pitfalls of former firstladying controversies by not stepping out as did Hillary when she was merely a first lady and not a Secretary of State (though to the TIMES online tell it, the Secretary of State position is just a glorified wifey job anyway…). No, M.Obama is as yet, able to support her husband and divert attentions from her feminist inclinations toward her fashionist attributes. I for one, appreciate both, but as I’ve stated before here, am disappointed that this is the kind of attnetion she gets.

In my frustration and time away from the blogosphere, not so much in the ‘real world’ just entrenched in the dailiness of being, I had time to garden and ponder what it is exactly that M.Obama is actually doing with all the attention paid to her arms, her dresses, her hair, her style. And it suddenly dawned on me that she is as clever as I had already believed her to be. She is championing the interests of women and she is outsopken about the need for women to earn equal pay for equal work as well as support for families and children to ease the strain on working women trying to manage all. While the boys are busy drooling, and the uppity women are busy fawning, M.Obama is actually working out – not just her arms – her place in the american political plain.

a bitchin feminista mama at the intersection of political quagmire and real life.

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