Happy International Women’s Day!

I have been remiss in my quippy observational duties here because I’ve been busy bitchin’ in the real house (as opposed to this e-world variety).  However, I could not let today go by without a nod to the women who came before me and stood strong in defiance against unequal pay, unequal access, unequal standards. 

On this anniversary of International Women’s Day, I am hopeful that change is coming.  I don;t think it will be easy or quick in coming (which has already been handily proven) yet I do sense a change.  The -isms and movements that had been seeded and grown by women – however invisibly so – are now waning under the pressure of womens work being tarried out elsewhere in corporate spaces and service sites all over this world.  Women have been slowly eeking into the workforce by want of economic strife that has finally blown it’s own gasket.  Now that men are being weeded out of the office and middlemangement overseeing duties, it is being left for women to carry on the fiscal security of families.  Such is true in our ‘middleclass’ America as well as in other venues of working life throughout the world. 

Change is coming and it would do us well to learn from our history that we can take this opportunity to standardize women’s equality arround the globe or suffer many more holidays without fully enfranchisable dreams.

a bitchin feminista mama at the intersection of political quagmire and real life.

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