The media swooped down on B.Obama’s barber shop all throughout the election process. Remarkably, M.Obama’s salon choices have not experienced the same scrutiny. M.Obama’s hair failed to bring down a miniscule of the attention that Palin’s beautyshop stop brought to the world. That is – until now. Now, amidst teas with presidential families and formerfirstlady’s luncheons, M.Obama’s black hair matters are drawing attention. The vivid colors that she wears and the freshfashion blended with offtherack garb have already recieved as much press “ink” as few other first ladies have. Mrs. Lincoln and Jackie O. certainly come to mind when considering M.Obama’s fashioning firstladyness. After my own past in being exposed to the remarkable and very unnoffical ‘black hair capitol of the world’ of Washington DC, I feel secure in declaring that there is no shortage of salons and beauticians who can accomodate M.Obama’s hair care needs. Weaves, braids, relaxers and shampoos are all part and parcel in the black hair repatoir. and so too will black hair care become more than a fringe topic in the American dialogue.

a bitchin feminista mama at the intersection of political quagmire and real life.

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