Did you think we were only a month into the summer season? Really? Because today was the auspicious first day of highschool for the ePrince. Yepparoonie, I said it. High School. This is it. Four short, fast and furious years away from my ePrince’s emancipation from Du Maison. He was so riled up that he refused to let me even walk into the school… in fact, I think if he could’ve he would’ve made me drop him down the street, out of sight. But I did not, I dropped him right in front of the steps lined up in cars behind the other froshmoms. Y’see this isn’t really the actual first day of school, but rather a starter course in what they call freshman university. Sorta a primer in how to open lockers and not get cornered for swirlies by the upperclassmen. Excepting at this school, I think the likelyhood is that the smartiest of them will try to roofie someone at lunch just to see what might happen.

I thought I would cry. I thought I would be overcome with blubbering tears and sadness about how quickly it has all gone. I didn’t. I came home, enjoyed a cup o java, read the third chapter of the second Harry Potter book to the lil’Einstein and began looking for a J-O-B. I am a touch sad, but I think I’ve been maudlin for a bit now and this didn’t overwhelm me like sending the ePrince to kindergarten had. Then, I wailed in the bathroom and had to straighten up my face to bleary it thru my own university classes. That was a rough year. And the ePrince and I’ve been through so much, drama and heartache, that this parting (of sorts) seemed like a welcomed progression. We’ve found some success, he’s off to a very good school with competitive admissions, because we’ve both worked so hard. He’s not done with the hard work, in fact he has only just begun – because homework will be gruelling in a way that he cannot begin to comprehend. But we have made it this far and the antics of his bio-father as well as the related family are mere gnats swarming the peanutbutter. They present few and mostly far-between episodes that barely register anymore. Think that when the ePrince started his academic career, he was still living with his crazyass bio-dad and struggling to keep clean and eat regularly at his tender 5year old age. We’ve come a long, long way, really, baby!
And now it is time for school. The lil’Einstein kindergarten count-down is at 22 days, and…. off we go!

The ePrince came home from school and stated that his teachers were cool… and that he really liked the school.  What the hell?!  This is too good to be true!  How could this happen?  Please, Please don’t wake me up before I go, go… I am in a state of shock that I would like to last for the next 4 years!

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