Really, didn’t I say so before? It all comes back to skidoo!

Criminees….. it’s a label title for goodnessakes – that should tell ya the directional tendencies these days! And since my last post it has all been 23 skidoo, to snigger a line

The Lil’Einstein has been angsting towards kindergarten…worried about being good enough, smart enough, and such. Can you believe that boy is worried?! He must think school is THE BEST place ever! It’s really too bad he’ll have to discover the reality of it all. He loves to learn and I hate for him to be beaten down by the dreariness of scholastic environs.

Then there’s myPrince who has been trajectoring toward teenaged visions of ‘manhood’ for a bit … but I swear he has just now actually lost his frontal lobe! And, I miss his frontal lobe… In addition to all this nonsense I discovered that he not only does not have dirt on his upper lip, but may in fact need to shave soon.

So as of right now there are exactly 33 sunsets until m’babeeeey starts school! And in 29 long hot days, my big kid won’t be a bigboeeeey no more and I am at a loss… we could call this an existential crisis, but there is no crisis to be had… anywhere…. doesn’t that just seem strange to you? Yes, indeed this mama has been feedin’ her boys too much goodstuff from the kitchen and it looks like they might actually be thrivin’. Well I tell ya, THIS MUST STOP! [or someone might think I’m actually nurturing or whatnot — ewwww, gross!]

And just when I thought it couldn’t get any more J.Watersish for me – had a hometown skidaddle this last fireworks weekend. Ran into all kinds of waybackmachinetypes and unearthed some deep-seeded psychic goo. The BigShot was forced to endure inopportune emotional outbursting and such. But who needs fireworks when ya got psychological nonsense busting out all over the place? And now it is all over and I feel… well, …weirded by it all. I’m waiting for the crazytrain to roll on by again because I just couldn’t be so lucky as to just go on as if I were a totally normalmiddleclassstayathomemama, could I?

So in case you thought I was not going to stir the pot… here is a little ditty I found on the internet while windowshopping for a kid’s friend…. No lie, this is for real:

I’m tellin ya, skiddoodling is afoot and I’m in the mix!

[though maybe I’ll just skip the Dora… she seems like a bit of a stayathomekindatoy….]

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