We are still battling strep. The boys are now on round II of the antibiotics and this time it’s serious, double the dosing, for double the length of time! Meanwhile I am going batsh*t! I really can’t take the boys anywhere and I’m stircrazy in the house with a million little projects AND whiney sick kids underfoot! Not that I don’t love my spoiled and ungrateful children – it’s just that I am starting to get worn out by the icky-sickies. I haven’t done anything but clean out my itunes, make a coloring book and watch Backyardigan’s so far today. LittleEinstein had a bath and I kicked the TeenPrince off of the video games for awhile just because I’m sick of the gun sounds emenating from his room. In the two weeks of sickdays thus far the TeenPrince’s teachers have sent home exactly one assignment that took him about 15-20 minutes to do. What is wrong here?!
Oh, and happy Valentine’s Day! Hope some of my loveys are wearing their heartsocks today… I awoke to crabbyass Hubby yelling at everyone. Though I am not icky in the sicky, I am not feeling all that well and desperately trying to fend off the bacterial invasion that could easily land me in the hospital… however, Hubby thinks the extra sleep is diva in nature (though I am not lookin’ much like a diva right now!), so he is grumpy that he has to get up and go to work. We’re still working on that “whole world revolves around me” idea his loving mother lodged into his psyche. So we actually scored a sitter for tonight and he is equally frustrated to have to do anything nice for the holiday. Now I am personally against the whole chocolate and roses jewelry and expensive dinner of the day. I much prefer a lowkey enjoyable experience of likeing eachother. He wants to get it on. I’m not feelin’ it. Not that I also do not want to enjoy the marriedness of our relaionship, I just would appreciate being appreciated. Haven’t had too much of that lately. And to be honest, I’m bitter about the constant expectations that are unrealistic which lead to the lacking appreciativeness. In case the heartsocks aren’t for you, enjoy a little love is evil… or… some heartless bitches e-cards…

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