the hubby :: the man o’ da house – sometimes called the BigShot, the breadwinner, the cook, the more patient and less confrontational in our maison.

the Twinergy :: twin brother to a bitchin mama

ePrince :: my heart and first born.

lilEinstein :: my laughter and born 9 years after the ePrince.

ManChild :: our borrowed son, sometimes known as the ZeroHero or the boy’s brother-from-another-mother –and father too.

HotWater :: our borrowed daughter by way of student exchange.

the loveys ::  a group of amazing friends and extended family who have stepped into support us when our bio-families didn’t, also known as TeamVag

the outlaws :: the ex-in-laws

crazytown :: the SMI (severely mentally ill) ex-husband and sperm-donor to the ePrince.

a bitchin feminista mama at the intersection of political quagmire and real life.

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