The lilEinstein is being harassed by a girl about whether or not he believes in god.   He hasn’t come up with a pithy response yet to these kinds of inquiries, so he was stumped about what to say.  We’ve been pretty open about religion and make available all kinds of literature about the practicing of different religions in our household.  And we tell our kids that they can participate in whichever religion suits their fancy, or abstain altogether if that’s what they like.

Personally, I don’t claim to know everything about the universe, but I do feel fairly self-confident in asserting that the Christian form of god is a freaking bunch of hooey.  I’m not too keen on other types of worshipful gods either, but in my humble opinion, that King James version is full of crap.

But that’s MY opinion, and one I do not force onto
the hubby, my kids, or anyone else.

So I think it’s kinda disgusting for a little kid to be so smug in thinking they know everything and that their idea of god is the correct one.  Worse, I think it’s ridiculous for these kids to  proselytize about their ideas with encouragement from adults. And it has always been my experience that the most  vocal religious ideologue is usually the least moral-like in their demeanor.

The same is true for this girl the lilEinstein knows.  When he wouldn’t give her an answer about Jesus Christ being his personal lord and savior or the pope being the all-important communicator with god  – she said for all to hear, “I know who you believe in, you believe in the god of awesome” in a tone that hurt the lilEinstein’s feelings.  The lilEinstien took exception to her remark because it wasn’t meant to be funny or silly, it was meant to mark him as different from others in his group who do believe in god.

And I’m upset because I don’t want the lilEinstein to decide already, at his young age, that he knows what he believes about the big life questions.  But I am beginning to realize that he is coming into his own understanding of religion by mingling with its faithful practitioners.

I encouraged him to laugh off the nonsense and enjoy the idea that he worships the God of Awesome, who is an awe-full lot of awesome, just like he is!

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