Every year we vacay hubby-style.  That is to say, we go camping with a little quiet time on a sleep riverside thrown in for added excitement.  If it’s a good year, there’s a long and oft’ ill-planned, quick-paced hike in store for everyone as well.

This has become a frustrating conflict over the years.  The hubby doesn’t give much credence to my idea of a family adventure, trekking through a city, bouncing in and out of museums and local sites, people watching at popular native haunts and the like.  Learning about the diverse folks and places is a grand adventure to me!

For a few reasons, we’ve always taken family trips to local wilderness sites and fishing holes.  It began as an economic issue, I was a single mom when the hubby and I first got together and there wasn’t much left over in the piggy bank for any kind of travelling, let alone the kind I’d like to do.  We’ve had some nice opportunities to travel a tad, here and there when the ePrince was little.  I loved Chicago and San Francisco was a book-nook heaven!  However, once the lilEinstein came along and healthproblemspluscustodybattle began to take it’s toll, the logistics of taking a real family vacation seemed all but impossible.  So me and the kids have stayed home.  In the meantime, the hubby worked and worked until he just needed to see some trees, then we packed up the kids and dogs and tents and off we went.

On the horizon, is a great idea via the lilEinstein.  He wants to see Canada.  I want to travel.  And the ePrince along with the ManChild (aka ZeroHero) would like to road trip.  I say it’s a plan!  Well, really right now it is the plan of a plan that we still need to make.

But here is the rub, we’ve never had an opportunity to get in the car and just run off from home for a bit, so we really have no idea how to do it.  Since this is the lilEinstein’s big dream, he gets to see how far we’ll have to travel and map the adventure.  Since the ePrince needs to figure out how money really does work, he’ll need to budget our adventures.  And since I want to stop everywhere along the way, I have to figure out how long I can take off work and the boys can be away from home.

And for those of you between here and there, ya better dust off the welcome mat, coz it looks like just maybe the bitchinmama will get out of this hothouse over the summer!

Who is gonna menu plan?  Better pack some peanut butter and nutella!

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