ahhhh, motherhood!

It’s been a little more insanely busy around here than usual. When I look over my calendar, the schedule doesn’t seem more jam-packed than usual, but I am running around like a crazy woman, of late.

So in lew of a proper post, I’ll just give you the run-down on what is keeping me so damn occupied:

the lilEinstein is learning the piano and playing baseball. No idle hands for that boy!
We’ve FINALLY got a few kids in the neighborhood that he can play with, so either he is running over there or I am hosting a pint-sized testosteroney-fest over here. So happy about that distraction!

the ePrince has become girl-crazy and is also running track, working out with the football team and studying extra in math. I am running all over town to accommodate his crazy schedule. In truth, the ePrince is doing most of the driving, but every right-turn-on-red that he just blows thru instead of stopping and looking both ways gives me a heart attack and turns out not to be so very relaxing.

I’m still teaching water aerobics and working out just as much as ever. I gave up bootcamp, but added circuit training and am considering taking up some kickboxing soon (if I can squeeze it into my days somewhere!). In relation to my hormones, I’ll never be thin again, but I am freaking fit as a fiddle right about now!

The hubby started his new job and it has been a bit of a stressful transition. We’re hoping the economy turns up soon so that this position and this city are are not the end-all-be-all for his career. Being a partner at this firm is not such a grand proposition and he still has to work with that asshole partner that landed him here in the first place.

We just had a new roof installed and I had a a lot of gardening to do after all the winter freezes here. The sunshiniest state’s coldest winter killed off much of my orange flowering bushes and reeked havoc on my vegetable garden. ….Still the damn tree house has yet to be completed…

Still studying in the Center for Progressive Leadership Fellowship and keeping busy with local politics here. Hopefully some announcements will be forthcoming…

We are gearing up for a fast paced summer, hoping to visit a few colleges for the ePrince that have programs specializing in Asperger’s support. Also there is swim team for both the boys, and continued piano and math tutoring. And the lilEinstein is participating in the state university’s Talented Youth Summer Program while the ePrince has been invited to join in the Hispanic Youth Leadership Institute (and yes they know he is not hispanic, but they invited him anyway).

Maybe I’m just getting old, that I can’t keep up with all that I need to do and all the I want to do. Maybe finally, something has got to give in my overachiever lifestyle, silly me… I thought it was my career.

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