I love the word praxis.  It might even be one of my most favoritest words in the whole English language.  And that is saying a lot of a wordsmithy like myself!  There is obviously the meaning of the word praxis (as linked to above), but there is the meaning I make of the word in my usage that seems fun and smarty and makes me smile too.  Praxis in my everyday vernacular means a call to action, rallying an activist’s perspective on the dailiness of raising children and influencing my community toward a more equitable future.  That is my understanding of where the political is personal.  It is also an analysis of where I might influence the greater world by raising my children in awareness and entering the fray of policy-making where I can.  Putting theory to practice as well as using practice to inform theory is the praxis of my mama-ness.

The praxis posts I am most proud to have written are: Shrugging Atlas and Not a PBS version of the American Experience.  They both got me in a little hot water with the peeps we know.  Not enough trouble to turn my world upside down, but enough drama to make life interesting.  And frankly, I like the kind of trouble that wakes people up, that makes people think, that forces an ‘authentic life moment,’  that fosters positive change.

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