It’s Grandparent’s Day and we will not be celebrating. My kids do not have a single decent grandparent amongst the 3 sets they have.

My parents have never taken responsibility for their fostering an abusive house of violence.  Before having my own children I suggested that if they wanted to continue a relationship with me they seek therapy to determine how we might move forward towards breaking the cycle of violence.  I never heard from them again.

My husband’s parents were none-too enthused about my divorcee-ness, liberal, pro-choice lifestyle and have never been too concerned with their own child beyond his attendance at mass – which is not likely to happen so an ugly impasse has left communication strained to the point of non-existent.

And my ex-husband’s family (herein known as the outlaws) are right now preparing their lawsuit against me because the ePrince doesn’t want to see them anymore – because of all the harassment and lawsuits they’ve leveled against us before now.

These Baby Boomer parents suck.  Even many of my friends who have relationships with their parents complain about their emotional disconnectedness and selfish motives in almost every familial exchange.

Grandparents Day might’ve been a good idea for the Greatest Generation but I just cannot bring myself to celebrate the family ties that strangle my own children.  And I cannot believe I am alone in this.  The baby boomer generation has been responsible for our current economic crisis, making policies and financial decisions that will hurt our society for generations to come.  The kind of choices we can make as parents are directly related to the wasted resources our parents blew through during their prime years.  Now that it’s all gone up in smoke, they just scratch their heads and wonder what went wrong in their antiestablishmentarianism choices.  So I just can’t get behind a day that celebrates this kind of selfishness.

If you are lucky enough to have a good set of parents to celebrate Grandparents Day with for your children – cherish them!  As for me, today I’m gonna enjoy my kids and celebrate our lives as distinct from the influences of the collective grandparents in their lives.

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