So for the ePrince’s 16th birthday, the ex decided to do an art-project. In an of itself the project is likely a fine idea, cathartic for him so as to deal with the demons about not seeing his son for more than 5 years. The ex hasn’t had contact with his son, the ePrince, because he went off the deep-end, psychologically speaking… and well, he’s never looked back at the shore of sanity. I could live with the pity-party-art-project the ex is having were he not so hell-bent on sharing his own hurts. The ex got an interview in a local rag where he says pitiful things about our family and references his son. Of course he also accuses local drivers of trying to run him down in traffic as well – so it seems that he might be enjoying the full throes of a psychotic break.

UPDATE: the localrag in question edited the article to protect the innocent! We are pleased that the editors cared about the ePrince’s privacy (and mine too) as much as we do.

What really chaps my hide about this whole episode is that the outlaws (not to be confused with inlaws) paid good money to support their son’s (the ePrince’s father) art-project, throwing a party and making these allegations public. All the while I have been pushing, cajoling, demanding of the ePrince that he see the outlaws to try to develop a positive relationship with them; which thus far has been largely unsuccessful (because they are assholes). The ex, being crazy like he is, does not scratch one dime that the outlaws don’t give him, so it is the outlaws who are underwriting this attention-getting message that harms the ePrince. Because of course, the ePrince couldn’t avoid the damn ‘news’ article, nor could his friends and family.

And even more galling is that the outlaws have decided to stop paying the child-support financial obligations of their crazy-ass son. Despite the ex not seeing the ePrince, the ex/fam have an obligation to support their offspring; call me silly, but the law and I agree on this point. Up until recently the outlaws had been making payments on time with no problems – and then this art-project came along. So the outlaws are fully supportive of their crazy-ass son acting in such a way as to harm the ePrince and they have no problems forgoing support to their only grandchild.

And let me be clear, the outlaws have money. They can afford to support their crazy-ass son and continue child-support. They have more money than Jesus would know what to do with. That’s the kind of people they are. It does make one kind of sick to wrap the mind around the kind of cruelty it takes for them to engage with their grandson this way.

If all this isn’t ugly enough, the ePrince is ill. Not got a cold, ill. Looking for disease kinda ill. And the outlaws know how bad it is because I’ve been generous and communicative with them despite their ugly behavior. I do this because it does not serve the ePrince for me to act as mean to them as they do to us. But I have to ask myself, why on ever-loving Earth should I continue to facilitate opportunities for the the outlaws to hurt the ePrince; especially given that they know the ePrince is ill?! It is more than a little twisted and evil to be fielding this kind of deceit when we all should be focused on making the ePrince better.

And this is the appropriate response a lovey sent me about the whole thing:

What a fuck! The wifey linked me to the article through her face book account. Holy Shit, is there no end to the nerve of this guy!?! I can NOT believe he would dare pull the kidnapping bullshit in a public article. Did he not think anyone he knew might read it? Asshole! Poor you and poor [ePrince], and so close to his birthday and while he’s so sick too! Fucker face! Oh, Sweetie, I am so sorry! 

What more is there to say?

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