As you know, it was my birthday a few weeks ago and the hubby got me a really interesting gift: Bloggy Bootcamp

I still can’t decide if I measure up to the other women there. And I guess if I am still pondering this two days later, I do not make the grade. I do not offer coupons; I am not completely enamored with motherhood, and I don’t expect others to love my children more than I do; I do not trade in positive product reviews; I really have only cared about my lovies reading my silly little diatribes (though secretly it would be just AWESOME if a publisher like my writing); and I don’t think I’m gonna change anymore than maybe my little corner of the world with my ravings.  Most people came to the event prepared; well-researched, business cards in hand, and ready to be networking divas.

 Despite my lacking fabulosity, I had a great time. It was a really good experience for me to meet a new crowd of women. And in stark contrast to my daily experiences here in the armpit o hell, most of the women I met were friendly and very open, welcoming. It was a nice change of pace for me to enjoy the company of other women. Though most of the camp topics seemed to revolve around getting more traffic on your blog (getting people to ready your page), there was lots of helpful advice, hints and tips to make my space on the net more attractive to others – you know, those peeps outside of my circle of lovies.  And the truth is, this is getting to be a long-standing hobby.  3 years of writing on the net is a long time, and I realized gave me an edge over some of the women there in that I had already found my writer’s voice (the quality that allows me to feel comfortable swearing and cussing in this public forum).

I was pretty surprised by this gift from the papaRob, as you know he’s not usually so successful at his gift giving efforts.  Obviously he is starting to get the hang of it.  Mother’s Day is around the corner, I forcast that it is going to be a might better than last year!

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