There is something markedly different in the realities of my two children at their respective schools. My lilEinstein is shining star of intellect and charisma. He is adored and beloved by his school chums and teachers. Inversely, my ePrince is slightly autistic (high functioning or ‘doubley-gifted’) and is very good-looking, but not at all charismatic. If you where a wispy girl of his age you might think my older son is the brooding, moody cute guy in the back of the class. In fact, lots of girls do. So imagine the mindfuckery over having to deal with problems at both the boys’ schools today.

The lilEinstein has been bullied on the bus. We’ve been trying to manage this problem and have been largely unhappy about how the school has managed the bullying issue so far. The situation took a dramatic turn for the worst last Friday afternoon when a big kid on the bus punched our little guy in the stomach and tried to de-pants him. You can imagine how this mamakat became a barracuda in fight over the whole incident. I know that bullying can happen and is often bubbling under the surface, if not in fact overt, at most campuses. I had spent the last 4 months making nice and trying to help lilEinstein manage the problem as much as was possible and when he was harmed and sexually assaulted – I felt that it had gone too damn far. The school HAD to do something about it.

The ePrince has a mean-girl, large and in charge at his school. She doesn’t believe in his special-ed accommodations. In fact, she goes miles out of her way to undermine the provisions required by federal law for his success. I am not alone in this problem, most Arizona school fuck off their regular education students, so the special variety get treated like crap all over the state. It is disgusting. But today my son’s Spanish teacher called my son out in front of the class for being disorganized (as is well-documented in his IEP) and couldn’t understand why the ePrince got upset about it. The man went so far as to accuse the ePrince of calling him “stupid.” I couldn’t help but laugh over the incident because I do think the guy is a bit less than stellar, intellectually speaking. And the ePrince NEVER calls anyone names or picks fights unless he has been provoked.

ePrince’s school went about ‘documentation,’ rather than make any effort to address the teacher’s inappropriate conduct in relation to the ePrince’s special needs. While the lilEinstein’s school called an emergency meeting between all departments to address resolving the immediate problem with the bullies as well as the long-term matter of how to make our family feel like we want to stay at the school.


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