The plates, the coins, and all the commemorative schwag from the latest presidential election grows in number and audacity. What is most intriguing are the fine memorabilia manufacturers getting in on the capitalistic reach. This latest:

is just another in a series of “lifelike” dustbunnymagnets to hit the web. The Gap and J.Crew sell out of whatever sweaterset the first lady is wearing and the gaga over M.Obama continues. Not that I think it’s a bad thing, the more people like her, the more pallatible the reforms and necessary life-changing budget and fiscal responsibility seems like an all-american ideal. While the ladies are swooning over M.Obama’s style of motherhood (and who wouldn’t with those two adorable and well-behaved children?), the waining conservative power brokers are at a loss as to get a grip on anything that might break the Obama presidency.

And all the while, M.Obama is charmingly making her rounds, visiting far off lands and touring our fifty states to remind the plain and simple people of this country that we have a job to do. And that work does not require a bling-bling lifestyle. I might be mistaken, but M.Obama has held backyard entertainment for the community at large and has encouraged us all to get our hands dirty in our own back yards. While the “recession” wears on, M.Obama is showing the american public how to be different than before. There is no mistake in her doing this. The recession is not likely to end soon, and frankly – I’m a little shocked at the recent reports that it will end by next winter. For those who’ve studied even a minute of their history might recall that there was a recession/boom/bust/recession/boom/bust over and again before the financial breakdown was finally named “The Great Depression.” The press might be talking a big game about recovery, and it certainly is a good thing for politicians to tell us all that “Happy Days are Here Again,” but I gotta assure you that what is happening and what is coming for the american family, is not through with us yet. So M.Obama is telling us through her actions to forgo the fancy lifestyle, take care of the house that you’ll likely be stuck in for awhile, keep the car in good working order, and bring home your entertaining – no need to jettison all over the world or even overdecorate the house with trends that will look rather foolish when the fridge is empty. There has a been a call to service and we should be answering it.

Expensive tchotchkes are difficult to pawn and will seem like a foolish waste of money in the not so distant future if the proletariat don’t get busy helping B.Obama push through tax, healthcare, and education reform. Failing a dramatic change in lifestyle will fail all americans, but looking outside my window I don’t see those changes being made. So take note: you buy that silly doll in lieu of making a positive downgrade on your luxury habits and the regrets will be yours.

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