We can all agree that she picked the right guy…

A friend of mine subscribes to People magazine. And whilst playing “Oh, The Places You’ll Go!” game and drinking down-home cosmos this last Saturday night I was flipping through some recent edition, spotting this OMG moment:


All I could think to say in my shock and horror for her is, “M.Obama’s prom date is an ass!” It took all these years to get the press interested in this photo… just so that he could tell that trash mag that he got to take her to prom… And from the body-language and proximity of M.Obama to this weirdo, I’d say she wasn’t all that keen on being too cuddly close with him. What an awful selfish thing for him to do, making a quick buck off this trainwreck of a photositting. We know that M.Obama has a history of being one hot mama, but it is really just plain awful to negate her personage for this kind of pitiful exposure. I’m sure the release of this picture was so that her date of that night could pay off his child-support, because in the related article, even he admits to not being all that great of catch.

A mate who supports and brings out the best in us is really the stuff of quality. Whether her husband is as good for the rest of us is a test of time, but her choice obviously looks toward her best self. And by example, we should be focusing on our best selves and toward bettering our communities right now, not on this madetorecycle nonsense.

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