Last week, as I was on my way to spin (otherwise known as ‘self-care’ for a SAHM), I pulled up to a light behind an old beat up car with a license plate holder engraved with the title for today’s little post. I was horrorstricken really. I shouldn’t be too surprised, Our state boasts a very fiscally and politically conservative government that brandishes morally bankrupt ideology and regularly falls dead last as far as concerns for women and children go. Who would want to live here but the whitemaleauthority figures in power and the frightening assholes who reap the benefits of their policy making?! The irony here is that if you are a woman of means, you are much more likely to be successful in this state over almost any other… but goddess forbid the sad soul without access to money or power. That leaves disenfranchised women and children of all class/ethnicity/education levels out in the cold.

Since living in this part of the world, I’ve worked in domestic violence clinics and classrooms to no avail. The efforts were frustrating practices in redundancies against any meaningful support or educational opportunities. It is a sad state of affairs to live in a community that has no qualms about slashing education budgets as a first means of defense and who at this very time of economic struggle has sent senators to congress who are fighting against the passage of children’s healthcare initiatives because there are a few legal immigrants who benefit… y’now like those kids who live in our borderstate. What a world to live in! I’m disgusted and appalled on a fairly routine basis and would like nothing better than to figure out inroads toward breaking the conservative monopoly so as to turn back toward the progressive politicking that codified this state’s constitution. I just do not see it happening anytime soon. Our new governor leaves nothing to the imagination about where her concerns lay. In fact, it was reported this week that; the legislature sent our governor budget cuts with over $350 million from public education before considering other options. She signed it within hours cheekily stating that the state’s “budget problem is caused by overspending...” Yeah, I’m sure it was those pesky little brats who take up too much of the budget already even though this states’ expenditures are by comparison much less than any other school-aged child’s funding anywhere else in this great country of ours.

Even worse, the people of this state, the parents who have children in desperate need of education are not lifting one small finger to address this issue. Though NPR has reported on the shocking budget choices being made here, the nightmare is that most people who reside in this municipality are engrossed in Rush’s hopes for failure of the Obama reign. This makes a sick kind of sense. With a loweducated proletariat trained for little more than guarding one of the largest corporate prison conglomerates in the country, the dictating local government can easily maintain the status quo and ignore the factors that would really make the environment, (and I mean both literally and metaphorically) much better for everyone. I am not grossly exaggerating this pathetic situation, it is really this bad. And next year’s budget promises more losses for the children and social services in this state.

That guy’s license plate cover that I saw… it said more than he could possibly understand.

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