Isn’t it fascinating how the press and media circus gloms onto an idea and runs into the ground? I had heard last week that the M.Obama had been invited to visit the White House, basically to inspect the digs she’ll be ‘renting’ for the next 4 years. And all were overjoyed at the forthcoming niceties between the first ladies. There was some colorful commentary about the travel arrangements of the Obama couple in a slow moving suv en route to the airport under the watchful bigbrother’dmediaeyelets of their aircraft as is ascended and descended toward the beltway. And the incessant chatter about how it was awfully gracious of Laura Bush to send ’round the request? And call me silly for reading too much into the whole thing, but I just did not like the flavor of that cracker-esque sort of gentility on the part of the Bush’s toward the Obama’s. Wouldn’t you have just loved to hear the car ride convo between M.Obama and Barack on the return trip home from that little escapade?! I just do not get the feeling that Laura is really as lovely as she puts on in her valium’dtainted photo ops. And I also get the feeling that

M.Obama has got a whole lot more sass than she has revealed thus far. M.Obama is an educated go-getter and I imagine that she’ll be a very involved woman of the world. The next few months will provide for quite a transition… just looking at attire and body language between the former and future first ladies says it all.
The Bush’s press release stressed their surprise impressions that the Obama’s were interested in how their kids would live. What a whacky priority for the first family to concern themselves with! My hubby has suggested that the Obama’s young first ladies room, or the girls’ suite, will not have the open bar that the Bush Twins enjoyed… that is a remarkable change of pace, setting a lovely and decidedly different tone to the Obama White House.

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