* Grab the book nearest you. Right now.
* Turn to page 57.
* Find the fifth sentence.
* Post that sentence along with these instructions (in a note to your wall/blog), and post your sentence in a comment here as well. Include the title of book and author.

“But you can see that pressing this case will (once again) lead quickly to to the paradox’s deeper questions, which questions here are (again once again) metaphysical: what exactly do these different senses of ‘to be’ mean, and in particular what does the more specialized sense ‘to exist’ mean, i.e. what sorts of things really do exist, and in what ways, and are there different kinds of existence for different kinds of things, and if there are then are some kinds of existence more basic or substantial than other kinds? &c.” from Everything And More:  A Compact History of  by David Foster Wallace

Yes, I am really and truly reading this little slice of intellectualism… and thanks to an all too brief encounter with the smarty and savvy Professor Kari McBride, I can actually come as close as anyone could in understanding this text…
Of course this is just one book I got cookin’ right now… I’m also writing here to avoid finishing – only as procrastination – In the Land of Invisible Women by Qanta Ahmed and just started The Life and Loves of Mr. Jiveass Nigger by Cecil Brown while I nearly always have Our Religions by Arvind Sharma hanging around for light reading!

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