WARNING:  drunken blogging = bad writing.

I believe that I have mentioned an el presidente before.  Seriously, just one will do ya in!  I drove to hometown in a nasty dust storm, and drove home from there during a lightning and a continuing nasty dust storm with a serious desert downpour thrown in… all for a lovey’s birthday party in the windy, dirty city of my birth.  It was quite a day!  The BigShot stayed behind so as to ‘catch up on work’ which he did not do.  Even worse, a promise in return for weary travelers  in the nature of a warm coq au vin was not at all ready upon my return home.    Instead, I returned movies to the gayownedvideostore in my jammies – the queerboys remember my name and shamefully avert their eyes at the sight of my bedtime glory.  So it was nearly 8:30pm before dinner arrived (not too terrible, but I was STARVING) and a stiff cocktail prior to nourriture plus the pino noir of dîner has me drunken bloggin’ this evening… who knows what kind of trouble can follow!? zzzzzzz’s.

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