I guess that the fiscal conservatives are now looking for a sense of ….
and that is the logic behind their en masse departure from maverick support in this election.  I don’t believe for one tiny second that McPalin’s $150k shopping spree ala wouldbe first lady Cindy, is really the heart of the leaving.  Even in my homestate, from where the maverick candidate and his mogul wife hail, no one has been disillusioned by their wealth, their habits, their lacking commitment to the middle class.  Maverick has acted as such when it served him, as is par for the course (a little golf course in the desert humor!). Yet, the course has been buoyed by the ever climbing market that all these economists are so shocked has finally experienced a downward slope.  Why, oh why did anyone think that there would not be an end to the heyday?!  While maverick has paid lipservice to helping his homestate on issues of immigration (to wall or not to wall), education (last place of all the 50 states), and lets not forget that whole teen pregnancy plight – the state’s stats break no. 1 when the lady veepcandidate’s family comes to crashcourse public speaking, public policy, oh and the actual job requirements of the office of the Vice President of the United States of America all while lounging near the New Crystal Vortex of the universe.  These qualities have been in play for the entirety of the maverick’s political career.  So why are the fiscals jumping ship now?  Do you think it could it be the bailout?…  the factor largesse that stands between maverick-stunts and a change of the ol’ guard… Hmmmm, I wonder….

I’ve been watching Obama for so many years and even right now sit in shock that he could actually be the next president.  As I’ve said before, he seems too good to be true.  I have been so cynical and weary of messiahesque promises.  I am still so weary of campaign speeches;  if I have to read one more pair of lips as I am lied and bullied to, I might just break.  And yet I really want for the rhetoric to be real.  Don’t we all want a bit of hope right now?  I think even the fiscallies are freaked out watching their banks and stocks and powerhouse finances all crumbling away.  They are wanting some hope too.  Only time will tell if the obamaffiance will be true.  I guess more than anything, the devil we know may not be the devil we can live with right now and the maverick looks too much like the same cupcake we’ve been fattening up on for the last 20 years.  I still don’t feel like any one person – leader of the freeworld or not – can save us from the economic re-alignment that is just beginning to take it’s tole on all of us.  When I am fighting with the rich ladies of Cindy’s inner circle for a great pair of designer shoes at the discount/closeout retailers, then I know the wealthy upper-crust has lost all sense of hope and are looking for a new savior – and he don’t look like Reagan, no matter how much they spend on the lady wouldbeveepcandidate’s clothing.

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