I am news junkie… a political wonk, I used to be a wonkette, but now I’ve got stretchmarks.  I am addicted to politicking because I am very intrigued by the dynamics of dynamism: or how we all relate to one another and I genuinely enjoy whacky points of view. And though it is nonsense and silly brainwasting, I am watching a tad too much of House these days.  When I first discovered the littleknownwonder, I watched in quiet reverence – nobody had even heard of the show.  I rarely get control of the tube in my house and usually I’m on the news or some varietyshowproximity of the news.  So when I tripped upon House it seemed to satisfy a small junkiedfascinationforthoery featuring Hugh Laurie as the cantankerous wanker of a doc.  Then, one of the cablenetworks ran a marathon this last weekend.  I was more consumed with Housefiction than the realityshow presidential debates.  I tried watching the newsmakers in action, but frankly the candidate’s responses seemed so repetitive and boring.  I don’t want to watch those guys, hoping that one will trip the other up.  I’d like to see one of them get fired up about winning, if not the American political landscape.  I never thought myhomestatesenator really wanted the presidential gig, but now it appears that both candidates are running from it.  I suppose I’d be sneaking away too, what with the breakdown of the American lifestyle currently looming large.  So rather than sit through the entire first presidential debate this election season, I watched stupidteevee when I wasn’t in my garden or chasing my boys.  I suppose this is an apocalyptic signifier that I am becoming more like the masses, rather than the gogetter I used to be.

a bitchin feminista mama at the intersection of political quagmire and real life.

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