It’s been a busy month… We have AuntieB, Twinergy mine and Kin’s bdays all at once! Then eX went to Washington to spit in the had on the president! Okay… it’s likey he won’t do that, but how funny, eh?! He’s really sucha good boy! Kin has been a busy socialite and I’ve been trying to keep up… My personal bday was the worst since the christmas of ’91. And I thought nothing could be lower or more devastating. I ate cereal and cried all day long while my parents “forgot” me for the holiday. It was ugly. Since then, I’ve always vowed not to have expectations and while my hubby is sure that I do, really I don’t. When he gave me the offensive little used book that has been a disappeared victim in our library I was pissed, and haven’t let up on him about gifting as an artform, yet I don’t expect a limo or flowers or a secret spa getaway or a fancy make-over or anything extravagant – I just want to know that my presence in the world is good and that by merely being here I am wanted and worthy. That’s what the celebration of a birthday is for me. Needless to say, hubby did not pull this one out. And yet I had a lovely time with AuntieB, Twinergy and the kids. That was genuinely a nice experience. So let it be known: Mother’s Day is around the corner. I am wanting a tree, or plants or more gardening stuffs and I would like to be appreciated for all the hard work I do as a mother to two rambuncious boys as well as wifey to a toosmartmanchild still learning his way.

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