Did you know that there is stuff on t.v. after most of us go to bed? I’m thinking we might actually have to invest in tivo or some such nonsense and this is why: I am in love with Colbert, Jon Stewart still makes me laugh and now Lewis Black has his own show. LittleEinstein will have to start sleeping in because the idea of missing one of my boyfriends, (not Steve Nash) is just too much to bear. Generally I have no idea what is going on in the world unless BigShot calls to tell me I’ve missed something fabulous or frightening. That is until I get to see the evening satiric punditry. Then I find out what’s going on in the world. For instance, a dirty whore-releated sex scandal broke today. Did I know about this…? No, of course not, I was busy planting a vegetable garden and cleaning the roofratmess in the backyard. All is well in the land of play – we planted peppers, strawberrries and sunflowers. don’t steal my veggies!

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